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The Round Robin

For those with short attention spans

Power Rangers Round Robin
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We're starting up a Round Robin community. And yes, we're aware this isn't normal for the fandom, but what the hey. We're not much for rules in our little clique. (laughs)

UPDATE! We're currently starting our third story, an Mystic Force/SPD teammup! Come see what Kalish and the rest SHOULD have done! Please read, enjoy, and feel free to join in. We'd like to hear from you.

1. No flames. Flamers will be... yelled at.

2. Respect your fellow posters. Everyone's here for a bit of fun, just like you.

3. If two people post responses to the same section, we go with the one that appears first.

4. When you're posting a new segment, put it in a new entry. Copy the last two/three lines from the entry before so we can follow, and if there's a non-fic entry between (an announcement or whatever) link back to the entry before.

5. Comment boxes are for comments, not entries.

6. And please, please, please, don't post a one-liner. If you can't think of anything substantial, don't post.

7. Double posting is allowed, on the condition that the poster waits two days (more or less 48 hours, we won't count and we won't kill you for rounding) before she/he posts again. That's a two day grace period for all posts.

8. Sorry, guys, but we've got to put a ban on romantic pairings. Of any kind. Too many different writers with too many different favourite pairings. Keep everything 'G', please.

9. This is the most important rule. You must follow this: have fun.

STORY STATISTICS (As of Jan. 13th, 2007)
Number of posts: 1
Number of writers: 1
Word count: 1,293
Page count in MS Word: 3*

*More or less, without changing anyone's formatting.

POSTERS STATISTICS (As of Jan. 13th, 2007)
tenchichan= 1 post