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Mod post: Statistics, tagging and more.

So, story #3 - SPD/Mystic Force team up - is now in progress and it looks good so far! I'm looking forward to see how it turns out - hopefully better than the last one. :)

kikos_ai and I did some organizing around the community, adding tags and updating the memories. We've compiled the few stats we could gather from the third story and posted them on the profile page as usual; I've also compiled statistics for the ill-fated second story - you can find them under the cut below.

That said, I'm done bothering you with boring babble! Have fun. Hopefully we can bring some life back into this place. :)

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Tenchi - Awesome Beard Rainbow

Power Rangers SPD/Mystic Force Team Up!

It had started when Madison had recieved her powers. The slightest rainstorm, the gentlest sea mist, the tiny droplets of warm water from the shower, everything pertaining to her element was heightened. It was inevitable, she surmised, that her awareness of nature would be greater with her mystical connection to it. Where she once dreaded a shower in the morning, now it was the absolute best way to energize herself for the day. And it was in that shower that she noticed something was wrong.

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Tenchi - Awesome Beard Rainbow

Anyone out there?

Hey, I was just wondering if we were going to pick back up on this whole Round Robin or what? I'd really like to and I'm sure a lot of other peeps would agree.

So like, are there any plans for the near future or is this dead in the water? If nobody wants to, I wouldn't mind pumping out a first chapter for the next Round Robin (I believe SPD/Mf Team-Up, right?)

Sorry to be a pest, just wonderin' is all.

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Ok, guys. I know I said this during the last fic, but I'm serious now.
I'm not carrying this thing myself. Since the new story started three people have posted. Which, granted, is only one less than last time, but still, three of us can't carry this story.
I'm not looking for blood, people. If you're worried about screwing up the plan for what's supposed to happen, don't. We didn't plan anything except the trip back through time, and that's covered.
Write a paragraph. Write a page. Write *something*, for god's sake, before I give up totally and shut the comm down.
spd red

Turns out being nudged actually gets things done. Who knew? *coughsWF&KKcoughs*

"Um...guys?" Danny said suddenly, backing into Taylor and Alyssa. "Do you think that's another one of the team's friends?"
"I think not," Merrick muttered, also backing away.
"Go," Cole said urgently to Jason. "We'll handle this."
"You sure?" Jason asked, but he was already moving off.
"Yeah. We got this."
Cole and his team stanced, Conner and Trent on one side and Ethan, Kira and Justin on the other, ready to face a new enemy, while behind them Jason and his team headed off to face an old one...

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(no subject)

“Ok…hey what’s that,” Vida pointed with one hand at a dark blob flying high in the air a distance from them.

“It…it looks like a …bird,” Madison frowned. “Only its pretty big.”

“There’s more of them!” Chip pointed to a nearby park. “They’re really big!”

“There’s a lot of them,” Xander noted.

Sky’s eyes widened. “Oh no…”


“I think I’ve seen those things before. In my history class,” Sky looked pale. “I’m pretty sure those things are called Tengas.”

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Sky Tate vs. Vida Rocca (its on!)

I promised WF I'd post before she got back from her holiday and I'm hella stuck on my latest fic (CURSES). So enjoy some witty banter.

His helmet tilted again. "Syd?"
"I think I...Z saved me, right?"
"You're forgetting? I thought you were protected from changes in the time line!"
"I'm supposed to be. But no one's changing my time line, just yours."
Syd nodded. "Carter, we need to hurry. Sam, did you bring your cycle?"
"He can ride with me," Ryan offered.
"Ok. Let's go," Carter agreed, holding out a hand to help Syd back into the Rover.

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MOD-ification of the RR layout

Get it? mod-ification? eh eh? 


Man tough crowd. -_-  Anyways, hi I'm kk and I'm bored (but not bored enough to post a real entry).

So I noticed that we have a lot of different plotlines (try 6!) which I know is gonna get hella confusing. To try and help I went ahead and tagged the major we progress and make new threads (like following sky and MF for example) I'll add tags so you can better follow things in a linear manner (unlike my thought process, which typically resembles Bridge Carson's. nuts.)

so far we have three tags:

zeo & jack
lsr & syd/omega
mf & sky

So if you get confused, click on the tags and you can get your mind refreshed on the order of the posts. :D  Clear as mud?

Oh and more generic info:
As of Oct. 16, 2006

Number of authors: 4
Number of posts: 7
Number of words: 6,131
Number of pages in the Word document: 24*

*More or less, without changing people's formating.